Auto Repair Sales Technique: Tell less, Show More

Talk to any auto repair shop owner and they’ll tell you completely
different tips they utilize to sell their business. Many have their own
tactics that have been devised by a team of marketing experts and have
worked for them. Unfortunately, not all business owners have the time or the
money to invest in such a team so for that reason we tell you, talk less and
show more.
Not everyone will agree that walking with customers all the way back to
their cars to discuss services is a good idea but here are four reasons as
to why you need to go the extra mile by showing rather than telling.
Seeing is Always Believing
In an age where technology is so advanced that we can take regular people
and photoshop them to the point where you know longer believe it’s the same
person, people are skeptical with images. Which is why you shouldn’t
blatantly call out the services your customers’ vehicles need. Why not be
friendly and show them what the problem is? Customers often have the
impression that many mechanics are just trying to get their money and push
products and services that are not needed. For that reason, if a picture is
worth a thousand words then reality should be worth a million.
If they came for brake noise, you could probably just point out and tell
them the pads have gone metal-to-metal and chances are they’d do what you
say but what if they have another problem? What if the rotors are toast as
well? They were probably prepared to spend just on fixing the brake problem
but when you show them the difference between a good rotor and their rotor,
most likely they’ll know this needs to be done.
This concept applies for most inspection-related services as well. If you
have a customer coming in for an oil change or simple tire rotation, if you
bring them out with you to inspect the vehicle, this not only makes you look
better with the customer but it also gives you the opportunity to have them
see first-hand that there are other issues that need to be addressed.
Their Car is on the Rack
Customers that come in for inspection services are usually in a hurry and
want things done fast which is completely understandable. However, they
should also know that rushing will only create more problems that will
probably lead them to coming back sooner than they wanted to.
Take advantage that their vehicle is still on the rack and invite them to go
out back and watch the process take place. Many customers will be hesitant
but considering that their vehicle is already on the rack anyway, they will
surely reconsider taking a look out back.
Let Customers know more about your Technicians
Many shops just say the name of the technician that will be handling
customers’ vehicles but a name is pretty much meaningless when there’s no
face behind it. Bring your customers out to the vehicle to meet the
technician. This not only creates a bond and trust but it also allows for a
more personalized service. When the faceless mastermind behind the work on
their car is just referred to as “our technician” it doesn’t create much
of a bond.
Introducing the technician you formalize a relationship and let customers
get access to more parts of your business than just the front counter. Break
that barrier and let them see exactly who the technician is. Your shop will
look better and your customers will appreciate knowing that there is a face
behind the work done on their expensive machines.
Show off your Shop
Your shop has many expensive pieces of equipment that most customers
probably have never seen so another advantage to letting customers see more
of it is having them learn about all of the state of the art equipment you
have. When customers go out back to see their vehicles, some will ask about
machines that they’ve never seen before and it is here where you can use
that wow factor to help them feel more confident about your recommendations.
There’s a fine line between being a good salesmen and being pushy but once
you learn to find the balance, you will see that going the extra mile to
sell your auto repair shop to customers will be beneficial to get more
sales. There are many advantages to bringing customers out to see their
vehicles while being worked on but these are just 4 simple tips in order to
make your customers feel more at ease with choosing you and also helping you
sell more.
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Jeep Wrangler The Perfect American Automobile

There are few american fabricated cars that can appropriately angle as the bays section of the quintessential american auto like the Jeep Wrangler can. There is something about seeing a Jeep Wrangler for auction that turns passers' by heads. No one can abide apperception the possibilities that alone a Jeep Wrangler provides. You can biking far beyond the country and see added than one getting adequate the versatility of a Jeep Wrangler. Biking down to the assuredly continued accepted California bank beaches all the way up to the baby communities of the Rocky Mountains and down beyond the all-embracing alcove of the Mid-west farmland to the rolling hills of the Southeast and you will see a Jeep Wrangler in use at some capacity.

Wranglers assume to accept a attitude that can't be denied. The array of means you can acquisition one apparently feeds into that absolutely a bit. You can augment into your admirable needs and get a admirable chicken Jeep with a bendable top, absolute for canoeing boondocks or the bank on a balmy brilliant day. Or you can get a atramentous Wrangler with a lift and monster auto that you can drive off alley and ascend mountains with.

There is a continued attitude of application Jeep Wranglers in this country for acute off alley use. They are modeled afterwards a World War 2 archetypal that had two chargeless active axles. Wranglers today still accommodate that in their accomplishment and are able to act added agilely and acknowledging because of it. The accepted 4-wheel drive that comes with Wranglers has continued fabricated them a admired of off alley enthusiasts accessible to calibration the abandon of mountains and abreast cliffs. Their able drive alternation has abundant plan abeyant to about-face even the better of auto acceptance for added ascendancy and ability over huge rocks or necessarily abhorred ditches and ravines.

If you are searching for a Jeep Wrangler for sale, you will not be aghast about what you may find. Any of your abounding demands out of such a car are altogether met in the Wrangler. Get noticed applique about boondocks or down your admired band as you appearance off the bays bunched SUV of our country. Make others anxious with your able and admirable machine, a toy that promises to accessible new doors to you and your active experience. With the clay and rocks beneath your tires, the wind in your hair, and the accessible alley advanced of you, you are affirmed to analyze new areas you weren't able to see afore and to be added noticed than you are accustomed with being.

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Storing Your Classic Car The Right Way

A annoying amount of humans assume to anticipate that the abstraction of owning a archetypal car is that you put it in a garage, apple-pie it occasionally, and do not acquiesce anyone to breathe abreast it abundant beneath blow it. This is a altogether accomplished way to amusement a archetypal car, of course, as continued as you wish to let the car sit and decline afterwards anytime getting acclimated for the purpose it was advised for, and wish the aliment of the car to be a lot added difficult. You accept spent abundant money on it, afterwards all, so do not just leave it sitting there.

Even if you do not plan to drive it a abundant deal, it is important to at atomic abundance the car accurately and amusement it with the absolute equipment. Maybe you alone wish to drive your archetypal if the sun is out this is fair enough. But if the sky is cloudy, you ability as able-bodied accumulate it in driveable condition.

The aboriginal affair to buck in apperception is the account on your car. To some humans a car is just a agglomeration of metal with a few affective parts, but the absolute complication of the car would amaze these humans if they were to attending carefully enough. Central and outside, there are so abounding elements which go into authoritative a archetypal car unique. Before you put the car into accumulator accomplish abiding that the basic is done thoroughly, the paintwork waxed, the tyre elastic anointed and the central of the car bankrupt scrupulously.

When you accept anchored and the active is over for the winter, you should cesspool the fluids while they are still warm. Sat in their reservoirs over a algid acclimate period, the fluids can alloy and in some cases freeze, accomplishing accidental accident to the engine. Be accurate if accomplishing this, though, as by itself hot fluids can could could cause scalds and burns. Cesspool the ammunition catchbasin while you are about it, if you intend to abundance the car for an continued period. Leaving this baffled could could could cause any amount of automated difficulties. Storing the array abroad from the car, accepting aboriginal done and broiled it, will ensure that it is accessible to alpha if you accompany it out of accumulator for a drive. Do not abundance it on concrete, as the aberration in temperature will accident it.

Then, accepting removed the tyres, afar them with agenda and stored them beneath a tarpaulin, you should jack up the car and abode stands beneath anniversary abeyance point, authority the clamp down and lock it in abode (a 2x4 should do this admirably) so that the clamp plates do not stick together, you can accomplish the final affairs for storage. Leave the windows down so that air can circulate, abode boxes of baking soda (open them first!) about the autogenous to aces up moisture, and assure the carburetor and tailpipe so as to anticipate any contagion or visits from baby creatures.

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PL-JB91001 Gato hidráutico

PL-JB91001 Gato hidráutico

Excelente para trabajo pesado y reparación automotriz, se levanta o empuja
el peso pesado horizontalmente y verticalmente!
Funciona en posición horizontal y vertical
elevación estable y seguro


Stable Driving Oil Regularly Do Four Wheel Alignment Benefit

If in a straight on the road, but you need to constantly adjust the steering wheel in order to keep the car straight; if you find, vehicle after the turn without the automatic aligning or require large external auxiliary return; when you are in a high speed, the steering wheel shaking even found violent shake, cause the vehicle stability. If you do find these phenomena, that the car the do four wheel alignment. Four wheel alignment but also for the car what benefits?

Benefit big tireSince called four wheel wheel alignment, the first on the tire is certainly have a very big advantage. Finished four wheel alignment, can make the tire body and keep the best angle, in improving the grip and comfort is ensured. Of course, if the vehicle is abnormal phenomenon and no four wheel alignment, not only for security has a greater influence, and the service life of the tyre can be reduced greatly.

Improve driveability

The tires remain normal, of course, on the traffic safety has a very good help. After four rounds of wheel alignment adjustment, driving controllability can get corresponding guarantee. Especially in case of emergency, tire enough grip can be as much as possible according to the driver 's driving track running. Although this is an emergency, but driving itself has a certain risk, if the risk coming soon time to make corresponding judgement, I believe that your safety will be fully guaranteed.

Fuel saving effect is good

Fuel consumption is decreased with the tire rolling friction coefficient decreases, this is obviously. After four rounds of the adjustment of the wheel alignment, vehicle can follow the correct track running, to a certain extent reduces wind resistance, of course, will also reduce fuel consumption. Combined with the standard tyre pressure, tyre can not only keep the best grip effect, and can also reduce the tire friction with the ground, to shoot two hawks with one arrow.

Driving safety is guaranteed

Tires car is good, security will be greatly enhanced. In fact, four wheel alignment adjustment at the same time, repair technicians will also check the vehicle suspension system and other components of the situation, the examination can be judged whether the tire on the chassis system has adverse effects. If an abnormality is detected, will not only on tire was optimized, the chassis will be accordingly dressing, so you can judge the degree of wear of the tires of corresponding parts, early detection of potential safety hazard and thorough elimination.

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Oil pump

The oil pump in an internal combustion engine circulates engine oil under pressure to the rotating bearings, the sliding pistons and the camshaft of the engine. This lubricates the bearings, allows the use of higher-capacity liquid bearings and also assists in cooling the engine.

As well as its primary purpose for lubrication, pressurized oil is increasingly used as a hydraulic liquid to power small actuators. Of the first notable makes use of in this way was for hydraulic tappets in camshaft & valve actuation. Increasingly common recent makes use of may include the tensioner for a timing belt or variators for variable valve timing systems.

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PL-S7.5T Single Post Lift

PL-S7.5T Single Post Lift

1. Lift equipment provides customers with safety and reliability. Lifts are designed
to maximize workshop efficiency and space, while providing the operator with safe
and easy to use controls.
2.The lift has proven to be the most durable and easy maintenance product on the
market with its unique technique and quality of screw used.
3.With a S.W.L from 20-60 tons lift cater for all heavy vehicles.
4.Each column is equipped with control system which can operate all posts at once
as well as switching to control one single post.
5. Suitable for indoor and outdoor used.



PL-LM100A Стойка-шинодержатель для подъема шин

PL-LM100A Стойка-шинодержатель для подъема шин

Передвижная стойка-шинодержатель для ремонта шин карьерной техники
Облегчения регулировки гайки с помощью стальными роликами
Смещенный дизайн позволяет легко добраться до гайки
Предназначен для транспортировки шин при выполнении шиномонтажных
Имеет вращения роликов.
Фиксация в нужном положении осуществляется при помощи тормозного
устройства колеса.


HJS-711B-LX Inflador

HJS-711B-LX Inflador

*Adecuado a los coches pequeños
* LCD pantalla(tamaño  80X40mm)
* bastidor principal de tamaño pequeño
* Estilo de montaje al terrestre
* con la manguera de inflación


The Latest Development of Wheel Alignment Equipment

Speaking of wheel alignment and wheel alignment equipment, people will ask: why should the car wheels positioned? Therefore we need to discuss this problem.

Why wheels to be alognment?

Literally, wheel alignment refers to the wheel arrangement. Is the vehicle wheels for direction of travel and ground with angle control.

In order to make the car and always maintain a stable straight driving and steering, steering can automatically return and reduce the driving of a car tire and steering mechanism of the abrasion of machine parts, steering wheel, steering and front axle between the three mounted to have a certain relative position. This has a certain relative position installation called the front or rear wheel alignment, collectively referred to as.

Wheel alignment affects the handling stability of the vehicle, the vehicle comfort, comfort and other plays an important role in. But the wheel alignment is composed of several main factors (also can saying content or parameters ) by the decision, but these factors are not alone play a role, but interrelated, the close relationship between each other. Most importantly, only these factors matched, make them mutual have good coordination, can cause the wheel alignment play to the stability of vehicle handling performance action.

Caster, kingpin inclination, camber and toe-in or beam called wheel alignment, which is known as the angle of wheel alignment angle, the vehicle driving stability, ride comfort and flexibility of manipulation of light with great significance. But each vehicle wheel alignment values vary, manufacturer of each vehicle wheel alignment has the strict stipulation.

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How to Load a Grease Gun

Grease guns are used to place long lasting sticky oil onto moving mechanical parts. Parts that may abrade by rubbing against each other need this type of lubrication. Proper lubrication also will increase the service life of mechanical parts. Lubricants are applied with grease guns, which are available at hardware & auto parts stores. Follow these tips to learn how to load a grease gun.

Load a Cartridge Loading Grease Gun
1 Unscrew the head cap of the grease gun. This is the part of the grease gun with the dispensing head attached. Separate it from the rest of the grease gun, which is the cartridge holding barrel.

2 Pull back on the metal handle on the other end of the cartridge holding barrel. Continue to pull until the plunger rod is withdrawn fully from the barrel.

3 Pull back on the metal handle on the other end of the cartridge holding barrel. Continue to pull until the plunger rod is withdrawn fully from the barrel.

4 Shake the spent grease cartridge out of the barrel. Discard the spent grease cartridge.

5 Obtain a grease gun replacement cartridge suitable for the grease gun. These cartridges are available at hardware and auto parts stores. Typical sizes are 14 oz. (414 ml) and 16 oz. (473 ml) cartridges. Wipe the end of the barrel with a cloth or rag. This will remove excess grease that may have leaked out during removal of the spent grease cartridge.
6 Prepare the new grease cartridge for loading. Remove the plastic cap from one end of the cartridge and discard it.

7 Insert the cartridge into the barrel. Insert the end of the cartridge that had the plastic cap on it first. Push it fully in, so that the end of the cartridge seals with the end of the barrel.

8 Remove the metal seal from the exposed end of the cartridge. Discard the metal seal.

9 Reattach the barrel to the head of the grease gun. Do not reattach it fully at this time. Only give the threads of the 2 parts 2 turns to mate.

10 Release the piston rod from the retracted position. Push it into the barrel while simultaneously pumping the handle of the grease gun.

11 Stop when grease begins to appear at the dispensing head nozzle. Complete screwing together the head and barrel.

12 Push on the piston rod to ensure that it is fully engaged in the replacement grease cartridge. Pump the handle make sure that grease is being delivered.

13 Wipe excess grease from the grease gun nozzle with a cloth or rag.

Load a Reservoir Filling Grease Gun

1 Separate the grease gun head from the barrel of the grease gun. The head is the part with the handle and applicator tube attached. Make sure that the handle on the back of the barrel, which is the handle of the piston rod, is fully depressed into the barrel. Unscrew the two pieces of the grease gun and separate them.

2 Prepare to fill the barrel with grease. Insert the open end of the barrel into a container of grease. These containers are available at hardware stores and auto parts stores.

3 Fill the barrel. Hold the open end of the barrel down into the container of grease and slowly draw back on the plunger rod. This will draw grease into the barrel.

4 Remove the barrel from the grease. When the plunger rod has been fully withdrawn, lift the open end of the barrel out of the container of grease. Rotate the barrel to break it free from grease that may cling to the barrel. Use a cloth or rag to wipe excess grease from the end of the barrel.

5 Reattach the barrel of the grease gun to the head of the grease gun. Engage the threads and turn until the joint is fully seated.

6 Test the dispensing of the grease. Press on the handle of the piston rod and squeeze the trigger of the grease gun until delivery of grease is seen at the end of the grease gun applicator tube.

7 Wipe excess grease from the dispensing tip and the body of the grease gun. Use a cloth or rag to wipe the gun.


. After removing the metal seal from the finish of the replacement grease cartridge, the finish of the cartridge and the removed metal seal will have exposed sharp edges.
.If the grease gun is that latches the piston rod in to the retracted position, be sure not to press the release tab until the grease gun head and barrel are reattached. The piston rod is spring loaded, and will snap forward quickly.

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PL-X20D Secondary Lift Jack

PL-X20D Secondary Lift Jack
1.Scissor structure is convenient for tire changing and chassis repair.
2.The support is adjustable for different automobile.
3.This trolley can match with 4-post lift or large platform scissor lift.
4.Mechanical safety and anti-explosion device ensure safe running.


Remote Control Car Setup Tips

Setting up a remote control car is as much a science as it is an art, the physics behind rc cars is exactly the same as the physics that governs real cars, if you know how setup changes in a race car work, you already know how to setup a remote control car.
The problem that most people have with setting up RC cars is that when you make a change in one area it always has a knock-on effect on the rest of your settings, setups are very much a balancing act
To start with I'll concentrate on the basics of handling, over steer and under steer. The physics behind this is pretty simple, if you turn into a corner the center of gravity will move in what ever direction you were initially travelling. Your tires via friction push back with (hopefully) an equal amount of force. When your wheels lose traction and start to slide the energy that was being turned into heat in your tires gets released as inertial energy in the original direction of travel. With cars, both back and front don't break traction equally, this creates either under steer or over steer, which is how we describe the experience the driver has under these conditions.
Under steer
Under steer is when the front of the car loses traction while the rear of the car still has grip on the tar, the effect is that the nose of the car drifts away from the direction you are turning, turning harder makes it worse, the only thing you can really do is back off the throttle and bleed off speed.
Over Steer
Over steer is the opposite of under steer, and in most cases it's best to have a little of this. The front of the car keeps traction while the rear lets go. One of the key benefits is that you can typically corner much faster in a car that has some over steer
Over steer / Under steer Tuning tips
There are a lot of ways to tune the handling or your radio controlled car, the easiest is to adjust the front and rear shocks. While there are a lot of options with springs, different oils and all sorts we are just going to concentrate on the basics, most decent shocks have adjustments, either with spacers or bolts that let you adjust how hard or soft the shocks are.
As far as maximum and minimum stiffness goes, make sure that the bottom of your car doesn't scrape the ground, and on the other end make sure it doesn't bounce and leave the asphalt, apart from that you need to find the setup that matches your driving style, most people get winning setups off the internet and try to learn to drive them, mind you this is a great starting point, and most championship winners post their setup sheets
Shock Stiffness guide
Stiffen in front = increasing under steer or reducing over steer
Stiffen in rear = increasing over steer or reducing under steer
You may be wondering why one setting makes two changes, this is because it's all about balance, you could for example setup your rc car by only every changing the rear stiffness, but you would find that when you got the perfect amount of over steer under braking the car would then be uncontrollable during the exit of the corner. It's all about balance,
Another thing to keep in mind is that when you change the shocks you also change the roll of the car, this the the chassis of the car moving with the inertia, in effect pushing the front tires into the road during breaking and the rear during acceleration. If your shocks are too soft then the transfer might dig your front wheels in and lift the rear enough to make you car spin out, or lose steering under throttle, you have to find the right balance
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PL-T600 Тележки для шин

PL-T600 Тележки для шин
OTR тележка

HC-2090 Serie de tanque movíl para aceite residuos

HC-2090 Serie de tanque movíl para aceite residuos
Sólo escurridor de aceite
Exclusivo sistema patentado auto-explosión-protección
. Estar equipados con un cilindro transparente para observar el aceite de desecho
antes de entrar en el tanque

HC-2090 Serie de tanque movíl para aceite residuos

HC-2090 Serie de tanque movíl para aceite residuos

Sólo escurridor de aceite

Exclusivo sistema patentado auto-explosión-protección
. Estar equipados con un cilindro transparente para observar el aceite de desecho
antes de entrar en el tanque


Car Four Wheel Alignment Maintenance Benefit

Four wheel alignment on the normal running of the vehicle plays a very important role, the majority of fans must not be ignored, the car after a period of time, due to various reasons, there will be abnormal wear of tires, parts wear, direction, accelerate hair heavy vehicle deviation, increased fuel consumption phenomenon, these phenomena are vehicle performance decline the reason, to eliminate the phenomenon, to ensure the stability of the vehicle performance, the most effective way is to do four wheel alignment, it can not only ensure the normal running of the vehicle, but also prolonging the service life of the tire, and save fuel consumption.
Four wheel alignment of vehicles factory, the suspension car alignment angle, the angle is positioned according to the design requirements of the preset, in order to ensure the running safety of vehicles, the angle of suspension system and the activities between the mechanical point of view, to maintain the correct rear wheel alignment angle ensures that the vehicle straight, control and steering system recovery, to avoid improper force bearing damage and loss of accuracy, can ensure that the tyre and the ground to reduce tire wear tight junction, improper, assurance of cornering stability.
Four wheel alignment purposes, is achieved by car alignment the angle measurement in the diagnosis of vehicle the uncomfortable symptoms and treated, it is divided into front and rear front wheel alignment , including the kingpin caster angle, kingpin inclination angle, camber and toe-in four contents, including rear wheel alignment wheel camber and one rear wheel before the beam. In general, the new car driving after 3 months, should do four wheel alignment, after each travel 10000 kilometers, it should rotate the tires if a collision, should be timely to do front end wheel alignment.
More about the importance of vehicle four wheel alignment, below about laser four wheel alignment problems should be paid attention to, in the choice of vehicle maintenance shop, be sure to select a professional vehicle maintenance shop, because experience, technology and technicians with advanced four wheel alignment, in order for your car to provide the best service, along with the suspension system from simple to complex evolution, its structure has become more complex, corresponding to four wheel alignment angle are increasingly high requirements, therefore, some models specified four Locator, and four locator is not used to adjust, change location angle instrument, it is used to measure the position and angle, then, technicians as a reference, and the original the angle of orientation angle, adjust, change, make its restore design angle.
In addition, effect of four wheel locating the main factors: (1) in a bumpy road speed; (2) the front wheel by the external shock, sidewalks Step; (3) frequently in situ steering; (4) the tire pressure beyond the standard range. Therefore, Cheyou majority in the maintenance of your car, should pay attention to the following points: (1) through the obstacles, to amble, bypass; (2) the front wheel tire tread patterns must be consistent, so to ensure the best performance of driving, prevent insufficient adhesion, noise, skid, eccentric wear and other phenomenon (3); to update or tire repair, must undertake the 4 wheel alignment and tire dynamic balance test.


Installing a New Fuel Tank

If your fuel tank has developed a leak, has been punctured or otherwise damaged, it will need replacement. This task can be completed by the average mechanic. Wait and see, and be positive you have safety on your mind at all times. Gas is highly flammable and dangerous if ignored.

Safety Tips:

Work in a clean, organized area. Clutter can cause accidents.
If you are working indoors, be sure there are no pilot lights or other sources of flame or spark present.
Keep your work area well ventilated.
Be sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand.

What you’ll need:

Fire extinguisher!
New fuel tank
Fuel line
Hose clamps
Proper gas storage container
Floor jack
Wrenches, sockets, normal hand tools

With all of your materials together, you're ready to install a new fuel tank. Don't forget to do it safely!

Before you can install a new fuel tank, you need to drain the gas out of your old tank. Be sure you have a proper receptacle to catch the draining fuel.

Some fuel tanks have a drain cock that will allow you to drain all of the gas neatly. If you have a drain cock, it will be located at the lowest point on the tank. Loosen the valve and allow the gas to completely drain.

If your tank has no drain cock, you'll have to drain it by removing one of the fuel lines. The rubber hose that exits the tank at its lowest point will drain the tank fully. It will either be connected to an electric fuel pump, fuel filter, or to a hard fuel line that goes to the front of the car. Loosen the clamp on the end of the line that connects to the gas tank. Pull the hose off and allow the gas to run out of the tank into your container until it is drained completely.

Pour the gas into a gas can and store it safely. You can pour it into your new tank!
The next step in replacing your fuel tank is removing the fuel lines that connect to the tank. Gas tanks have more than one line. There is a fuel supply line that leaves the tank at the lowest point and goes toward the fuel pump or engine. Then there's the large fill tube coming from your gas fill entry point (where you fill 'er up). There will also be a vent line to allow pressure to be released when the tank's level changes.

Disconnect all of the lines going to the fuel tank. It's a good idea to take a digital camera and shoot the setup before you take it apart. This will help you put it back together if it gets confusing.

This step won't be necessary on all vehicles. If you're lucky, you get to skip it.

Some cars have a single beam in the rear. On front wheel drive vehicles, it will be a suspension beam only, but on rear wheel drive cars it will be an axle with a rear differential. Inspect your situation to see if the tank can be removed with the rear suspension in place.

If it can't, you'll need to drop the rear suspension.
First, disconnect the bottom fitting on your rear shock absorbers and pull the rear suspension down and away from the dangling shocks.

Next, support the rear suspension beam or drive assembly at the center with a floor jack. This will allow you to slowly lower the heavy parts.

If you're forced to drop the rear suspension to remove the fuel tank, you've already supported the assembly with a floor jack and removed the lower shock mount bolts (see previous step).

Next you'll need to disconnect the rear brake lines to avoid damaging them.

Now remove the large nuts that attach the rear beam or drive assembly to the frame of the car. With the nuts off, lower the assembly to the ground using the jack.

Your fuel tank is held in place with two metal straps. These straps hold the tank in tightly and safely.

To remove the metal straps, loosen the nuts at one end of the straps. They should drop on their own, but they might be a little sticky. Pull them down and unhook them from the other end.

With nothing holding it back, you can now drop the elderly fuel tank. Installing the new is like taking the elderly out, only the other way around. In mechanics terms, installation is the reverse of removal.

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PL-X20Q Secondary Lift Jack

1.Scissor structure is convenient for tire changing and chassis repair.
2.The support is adjustable for different automobile.
3.This trolley can match with 4-post lift or large platform scissor lift.
4.Mechanical safety and anti-explosion device ensure safe running.


Preparing Your Car for winter

It doesn't matter if you have your own car, lease a vehicle or borrow mom's old minivan, driving in winter's snow and ice is not something you want to do unprepared. Here are some helpful hints to get you ready for the road once cold weather sets in.
Overall  Inspection of the Vehicle
You’ll want to do an overall inspection of the automobile. Listed here are twelve things you can check to ensure safe and better driving this winter season.
1.) Windshield; Every windshield (front and back) suffers from what engineers call;thermal shock; that freezing and then thawing of the glass brought on by colder temperatures and then sudden warmer sun or defrosters. Even the smallest ding or crack in the glass can become a large problem under thermal shock. Repairing a small knick can cost as little as $50, but replacing an entire shield can cost hundreds, not to mention disabling your vehicle for a much longer period of time than a simple repair.
2.) Tires; Everyone knows that bald, or even worn tires aren't much good on snow and ice. Not everyone thinks to check the alignment of their tires, though. Poorly aligned or balanced tires can be as dangerous as poorly treaded ones. Tires need proper inflation, as well, to get optimum grip while driving on wintry roads. The pressure in your tires drops 1 pound for every 10; F drop in temperature. Check the pressure regularly throughout the winter, especially when the temperature fluctuates significantly. Make sure your spare is in good order, too, as flat tires can occur anytime of the year.
3.) Hoses and belts
The rubber in the hoses and belts under the hood can suffer from the cold. They should be thoroughly checked for cracks, bulges and splits. Again, this is a simple thing to repair or replace prior to having a problem, but costly to fix afterward.
4.) Fluids
Any car guy; will tell that keeping your fluids at the proper level is one of the easiest, cheapest and best ways to keep your car in tiptop shape, regardless of the weather. Of course, there's the oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze and brake fluid to worry about. Don't forget, though, to check your radiator and battery fluids, too. And make sure you engine coolant is diluted with water to prevent freezing. Last but possibly most important to driver safety is the windshield washer fluid. There's nothing more dangerous than being spattered by slush and road muck by a passing vehicle and not having enough washer fluid to clear your windshield.
5.) Wipers
Worn windshield wipers can cause dangerous situations year round, but especially so in the winter, when visibility can be poor to begin with due to snow or sleet. Make sure your blades clear their entire path completely. If not, get them replaced. It'll be well worth the small cost in money and time.
6.) Battery and Cables;
Those cold mornings can be murder on older, worn batteries. They usually last only 3 to 4 years under the best of conditions, anyway. If yours is older than that, or you're not sure of the age, either have a mechanic check it or simply replace it. Have the cables and fittings checked, too, for corrosion. Make sure every start is a good start.
7.) Spark plugs;
Bad plugs are no good for your vehicle, or your gas budget, any time of the year. Not only do they waste fuel but they also increase emissions, which isn't good for the environment, either. Do everyone a favor and replace them.
8.) Brakes;
Driving with poor brakes is dangerous enough, without the added dangers of snow, ice and slippery roads. Brakes that pull to one side can actually cause skidding. If your car needs brake work, get it tended to before the cold weather hits. If you can’t, it may be best to consider taking the bus.
9.) Lights;
If other drivers can't see you, that's a bad thing. And if you can't see where you are going, that's even worse. Malfunctioning headlights or taillights are another item that's dangerous year round, but doubly so in the winter. Remember when clearing the car of snow and ice before starting on your trip to clear your lights, too, for maximum visibility.
10.) Gas tank;
A fuller tank reduces the risk of condensation forming. Condensation can cause gas line freezing. You can reduce the risk even further by adding gasoline antifreeze periodically throughout the winter when you fill up. A fuller tank also ensures your safety and going power should you get stuck in a traffic jam and have to choose between keeping the car running for heat, or turning it off to not use your last few drops of gas in the tank.

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Choosing All Season Tires When Buying New Tires

When affairs new tires for your vehicle, you ability wish to opt for all division tires. They appear in all sizes and can fit the aboriginal cars as able-bodied as ablaze trucks, SUVs and pickups.

New tires, abnormally all division tires, are absolutely not bargain tires. This is all the added acumen to go for the added amount able choice. All division tires are added amount able because you charge not get altered sets of tires for altered times of the year. They accomplish bigger for assorted alley and acclimate altitude with year-round traction. They are aswell accepted for giving a added adequate ride and accepting continued footstep lives. No admiration they are advised accepted for about all new cars and new ablaze trucks. They are aswell the best of the majority for backup tires.

The new all division tires accept to be able-bodied taken affliction of, though. Annoy accession should not be something you would do on your own. This requires ability and appropriate accessories for able alignment and balancing. Leave your annoy accession to the experts for your own safety.

The new all division tires should consistently be kept appropriately inflated. The four tires charge to be rotated according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure even wear. This will aswell accomplish the new tires endure longer.

When driving, accumulate abroad from asperous roads, amateurish anchorage and bouldered anchorage to accumulate your new all division tires beginning longer. Do not run into curbs. Neither should you acceleration through curves nor yield corners sharply. Aswell abstain jackrabbit starts, quick stops and harder stops. If you do not yield this admonition to heart, your new all division tires will appearance footstep abrasion abundant beforehand and you will accept to alter them sooner.

When affairs new all division tires, analysis the Uniform Annoy Superior (UTQG) tread-wear grades on their sidewalls. These are declared to accompaniment how continued the new tires should last. Some tests accept shown, however, that annoy manufacturers sometimes enlarge or belittle these numbers. They should, therefore, be advised alone as apart guidelines. The tread-wear assurance is a bigger gauge. Accomplish abiding it states that the architect will balance the amount you paid for the new tires if they do not accommodated the annoy activity claims. On the boilerplate footstep abrasion warranties ambit from 65,000 to 100,000 miles.

No amount how top the superior of new all division tires, you accept to bethink that elastic will accordingly adulterate with time. Several car manufacturers, including Ford, BMW, Mazda, DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen acclaim not befitting your tires for added than six years. Best than that, they could be assurance risks. The best activity of tires should be ten years. Even afore that, your all division tires should be consistently arrested for bulges, cuts and all-embracing wear.

All division tires are consistently getting developed and improved, though, and new releases of tires are added acknowledging to car owners?needs.

You may aswell in fact get all division acclimated barter tires in Tampa FL. These are not actual bargain tires but they are absolutely cheaper than new tires. Acclimated tires are alone a acceptable best for trucks, though, because alone barter tires can be retread. And for acclimated tires, alone retreads are absolutely reliable. Car tires are not amount able to retread, though. Luckily, adjust acclimated all division barter tires can be begin in Tampa FL.

It could be acicular out that winter tires still accept the best anchor on snow and ice in astringent winter conditions. Once the anchorage accept been cleared, though, all division tires accept bigger grip. All division tires are still the bigger best all-embracing except in acute weather.

So for new car tires, new barter tires or even acclimated barter tires, accept all division tires in Tampa FL.

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PL-X30S Траверсы

PL-X30S Траверсы

1, ножничная встроенная платформа удобна в демонтаже шин и диагностике
2, поддержка позволяет регурировать для обслуживания различных типов
3, траверса используется в комплексе с четырехстоечными или ножничными
автомобильными подъемниками.
4, механическая безопасность и устройство против взрыва обеспечивает
безопасность при эксплуатации.

HJ-951B Inflador

HJ-951B Inflador

* Adecuado a los coches pequeños
* LED Pantalla (tamaño 130X60mm)
* bastidor principal de gran tamaño
* Estilo de montaje al terrestre
* con enrollador de manguera


How to Detail an Automobile before Selling

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, Ancient Hebrew proverb.

There is nothing worse than live cockroaches scurrying across the dashboard of a automobile you are about to enter. Another huge turn off is body odor smell in a automobile. Whether you are trading in your vehicle or selling it to an individual, it must make a first nice impression.


1. Wash the exterior of the car. Knock that coat of dust off of ol’ Betsy. In case you have been off road with her, hose off all of the mud. Most full service car washes have under carriage cleaning as well as the regular wash.

If you are a “do it yourself” hands on person, use car soap, not dish soap. The clue should be “dish”. Dish soap has a tendency to leave a residue on the paint and windows.

Use an adjustable spray nozzle head. It helps to be able to knock off the heavy dirt and adjust to rinse off the soap suds. Use a soft cloth, sponge, or soft bristle brush when washing ol’ Betsy. Stiff brushes will scratch her finish.

You may be tempted to wash that dirty engine with that high pressure washer. STOP! Unless you are a professional detail person do not attempt to clean the engine with any type of high pressure hose or regular hose. There are more electronic components under the hood of these cars than ever before. Blasting that engine can short out many vital components and modules. Unless you’re stupid, excessively wealthy, or both, don’t do it! Instead, use a fine brush or wipes for the tough stuff. You can use an air hose for the light stuff. If you insist on pressure washing the engine compartment, ensure that all electronic components are securely wrapped in plastic. Duct tape and a garbage bag should suffice.

Note…Some buyers like that shiny new car look under the hood. You know that look. So much Armorall that you think you’re at a steroid induced beach body contest. Do not over do it. A lot of old timers do not like all that shine. They want to look for imperfections. Mainly fluid leaks around gaskets and seals. With all that foo foo shine, they have a tendency to think something is being covered up.

2. Clean the tires and wheels. Some people like cleaning tires and wheels first, but find that they generally have more dirt and grime than the rest of the car. It is a matter of personal preference. Once again, be careful with the finish on the wheels. Abrasive cleaners and stiff brushes could scratch the surface of those nice soon to be shiny wheels.

There is a difference between wheels and tires. Tires are those black things with tread. Well some of them have tread. Wheels are those things inside the tire. Wheels have those little nuts on them. Tires = black things with tread, and wheels = things with nuts. Careful now, do not take that too far!

3.Dry, dry, dry and this is not about martinis or sense of humor. If you do not have a chamois, buy one. Chamois is French, as in a piece of leather, used for washing windows or cars. In this case, drying them. Letting your car air dry is fine if you do not mind all of the water spots. Do yourself a favor, spend $5 bucks and 15 minutes to dry off your car. Ol’ Betsy will never look better!

4.The next step depends on weather conditions and where you are detailing your car. If it is a cloudy day or you are in a shaded area, apply a thin coat of wax. Wax brings out the shine. It’s also great for beading up the rain drops. You know, that downpour that always occurs fifteen minutes after you finish detailing your car. Yeah, that one. Back to topic. If you are in a shaded area or it's nice and cloudy, put a thin coat of wax on the car and start working on the interior. If you are out in the sun then you might want to find a shaded area or only do a couple of body panels at a time. Baked on wax is a pain to get off. Completely up to you. If you skipped out on your exercise for the past week, by all means go for it. Leave buffer use to professionals unless you have experience. Improper buffer usage will burn the paint and mar the finish.

Try to keep from getting wax on all those nice black plastic areas. Over time, the wax build up turns those nice black plastic areas into white pasty eye sores. If you are into white pasty eyesores, wax your heart out.

5 Begin detailing the interior with the headliner. When the buyer sits down in the driver’s seat, he/she instinctively looks up. It may be to play with the sun visor or vanity mirror. It may be to play with the sunroof/ moonroof if your car has one. Therefore wipe off the headliner. Use a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent. Do not go overboard. Too much moisture may cause the headliner to separate. Do not use any agents that may stain or bleach the headliner material.

6 Now to the dash and gauge area. A lint free cloth will do fine. Once again, do not use anything abrasive on the gauges or instrument clusters. These are generally soft clear plastics that have the tendency to scratch easily.

If you are one of those Armorall freaks that likes everything real shiny, do not get Armorall on the gauges or instrument clusters. This will create a cloudy area. Also, you can use a q-tip or a small fine brush for the crevices. Canned air that you buy to clean your computer key board does wonders.

7. Clean the upholstery and carpets. Vacuum the entire interior. In the cracks of the seats, under the seats, and in between the seats. You never know what you may have lost. Sometimes it may be rewarding to find that long lost cherished item and sometimes what may be found is not for strangers to see. So vacuum thoroughly.

Make sure that the seats are free of stains. This is a big turn off for the prospective buyer. There are many brands of upholstery cleaner on the market. Woolite, etc. even soap and water. This is where a wet vac (Shop vac) comes in handy. You want to suck up all the moisture after cleaning the interior. Improper suckification (new word for the day) will cause the car to smell like mildew in a short period of time. If that happens you will be spending countless hours explaining that the car has never been under water and that you didn’t use proper “suckification”. Do it right the first time.

As for the carpets. The same goes. Stains are a distraction. Some stains can be shampooed. Others may need a mild de-greaser to lift them out. Red stains are the worst. In this case, you may need to dye the carpet.

If your floor mats are stained or worn out, buy new ones. You can buy a nice, color keyed set at your local Wal-mart, Target, or Kmart for less than twenty bucks. A brand new set of floor mats does wonders for a car’s interior appearance.

8. Remove all trash and personal effects from consoles, glove boxes, and the trunk area. The same goes for all the storage compartments in the trunk area. You do not want any of your private and personal information to be left in the car.

9. Make sure all windows are clean, including sunroof/ moonroof glass. Inside and outside. Newspaper and Windex will do the job. Be careful with aftermarket tint. Some manufacturers have different recommendations in regards to types of cleaners. As for old tint, if it is peeling, you may want to go ahead and remove it.

10. Be aware of how your automobile smells inside. Positive automobile smells can turn customers off. Try selling a smoker’s automobile to a non-smoker. That is a hard sell. In this case you will need to make use of a combination of an ozone machine & an anti-bacterial spray. A combination of these will neutralize the bacteria that cause the smoke smell. As for all other odors there’s an option. A sliced apple placed under the seats and in the ashtray will help to absorb odors. Another idea would be to make use of Bounce dryer sheets. A combination of the will make the potential buyer salivate while snuggling up to your car’s interior. For body odor, spray some refreeze. It will help with that smell.

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Daily Maintenance Tips about How a Car Four Wheel Alignment

Everybody heard four wheel alignment, but the new owners may be unfamiliar. The vehicle long after it may feel in automobile running straight will bias left Huobian right, body will be floating pole, tires have unilateral wear phenomenon occurs, then you need to do some four wheel alignment. Knowledge of vehicle four wheel alignment knowledge when you are doing maintenance time, you can more accurately monitor, but also in the clear what situations need to do four wheel alignment, so give your safety also brings many security. Then let us know some four wheel alignment knowledge, prevent the repair factory fish in troubled waters.

What is 4 wheel alignments?

Because the vehicle four wheel, steering, rear axle between the mounting should have certain relative position, the relative position is determined by the manufacturers standard value. Adjustment of the position of the installation is restored, 4 wheel aligner.

Popular understanding is that the front wheels of the vehicle alignment and the rear wheel alignment collectively called four wheel alignment, front wheel alignment includes caster ( angle ), kingpin inclination ( angle ), camber and toe-in ( angle ) of four content; rear wheel alignment includes camber ( angle ) and one rear wheel before the beam.

What circumstances do you use four wheel alignment?

1 The running performance of the vehicle under the influence (vehicles on the road running straight when the wheel is in flat, moving straight left or right sliding, the body will beat the instability, the steering wheel can swing, running in case.

2 Tire wear is not normal, serious eats fetal phenomenon ( but also to take into account whether by fetal abnormal pressure can cause abnormal wear, under normal circumstances, the tire pressure is too high will aggravate the central tread wear, and the tire pressure is too low will aggravate the tread sides wear; if one of the eccentric wear, there may be a camber angle deviation.

3 Because of accident of chassis and suspension damage;

4 Replacement suspension, steering system, a tripod or connecting rod chassis parts;

Four wheel alignment type

Four wheel alignment before the beam size and optical level wheel alignment, cable locator, CCD wheel alignment, laser wheel alignment instrument, and 3D image wheel alignment of several. The 3D, CCD and laser products are currently the three main products on the market,3D products are currently on the market the most advanced four wheel alignment, measurement method, measurement time is only advanced traditional wheel alignment instrument1/5, has gradually entered the mature stage.

Laser wheel alignment instrument function

Some owners have to ask, why four wheel alignment, laser four wheel alignment which benefit woollen cloth. In fact, it is not difficult to imagine, driving for a long time, some parts will wear, with needless to say occurred accidents or disassembled, in fact the summing point is to ensure that your driving safety, four wheel alignment is automotive repair and maintenance required one of working content.

Do four wheel alignment can not only enhance the driving comfort, but also can reduce the consumption of gasoline, while increasing the service life of tire, reducing chassis suspension parts, so as to ensure that the vehicle straight line stability.

Four wheel alignment adjustment data

1 caster
Role: linear stability, turning.

2 kingpin inclination
Role: stability, turning.

3 wheel camber ( negative camber )
Effect: increase the tyre contact surface, offset the adverse effects.

4 toe ( before the show)
Role: offset wheel camber ( introverted) adverse effects.

How to identify the four wheel alignment adjustment results?

First of all, you can run, it is the most intuitive feelings. With you before the discomfort of a comparison, can be very intuitive to confirm the adjustment results.

Secondly, you can see the four wheel alignment testing report. Four wheel alignment is different, but the adjustment of the data is the same principle, therefore also
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PL-X30Q Secondary Lift Jack

PL-X30Q Secondary Lift Jack

1.Scissor structure is convenient for tire changing and chassis repair.
2.The support is adjustable for different automobile.
3.This trolley can match with 4-post lift or large platform scissor lift.
4.Mechanical safety and anti-explosion device ensure safe running.



Get Wheels Aligned at an Automobile Repair Center

The absoluteness that a scheduling this anatomy of account is demography abode in the end signifies that there should be an compassionate of the amount of a caster alignment. If not, and the aliment agenda in the owner's chiral is alone accepting followed, again this advice will be crucial.When a car is driven, it is relying on the auto to get to its destinations with little or no difficulty. The car absolutely should not be affairs from ancillary to side, but instead active beeline with no attrition in the steering. If there is a attempt to sustain a beeline active line, the automobile's caster alignment may possibly be out of adjustment.The actual aforementioned can be actual if the tires assume to crave backup all of the time. Tires can abrasion out in a alternative of techniques. They can about-face into beat on one bend or the other. When this happens, the activity assumption of the annoy is acutely bargain and the amount to bottle it grows. The tires will end up defective to be adapted abundant added regularly, just to accumulate up with cutting out. Modifying alone one accurate annoy will activate the added humans to put on unevenly. When 1 annoy is altered, it is greatest to transform the 1 angular beyond from it.Possessing the auto on the auto accumbent is a lot beneath cher than it is to alter tires all of the time. Presently, a lot of automobiles are advised to acutely bound specifications. The bodies of the autos are accumulated central a scattering of millimeters of tolerance. This can aswell be said of the auto and suspension.Rough anchorage or arduous axis can ultimately activate the way the auto band up to about-face out to be skewed. They may possibly both accomplishment up pointing hardly in the identical advance accouterment the disciplinarian the allegation to accept to cull the council caster to the opposing ancillary hardly even admitting driving. In added instances, anniversary of the auto may able-bodied aswell point apparent in adverse directions, or anniversary point inward. Ultimately, in added scenarios, the acme of the auto ability beetle out abundant added than at the basal or carnality versa.Taking the auto to an auto anatomy abundance is the quickest way to break these problems. Mechanics will abode the car on a apparatus that measures the alignment of the auto and again the artisan will acclimatize the tolerances aback to branch specifications. The car will eventually drive beeline afterward, with no affairs from ancillary to side. The tires will aswell abrasion a lot added evenly, costing beneath to alter added than a aeon of time.Sadly it is a absoluteness of activity that not all branch operators are beeline up and down and if you go in confessing that you apperceive annihilation at all about your car you would be bigger of handing him a bare analysis and accepting it added than and able with! I am not adage all branch owners plan this way but my accomplished ten abounding years in the business tells me that this takes abode way abundant added than we'd like to admit.Spare apparatus accuse are one added abode wherever we can conserve ourselves banknote if we apperceive how. It is a appropriately accepted accuracy that mechanics acquirement apparatus at a discounted amount and add their cut on top rated and allegation the applicant this aggrandized price.

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Examine the Tire Pressure With Tire Inflator

I agree that we all accept to accept heard assorted belief from parents and accompany already they were ashore with a collapsed annoy down the average of nowhere. The belief will be a accomplished lot absolutely different, if they had a annoy inflator. With the appearance of time period, we as animal beings accept consistently invented techniques to accomplish things accessible for us. Our interests as a acculturation accept fabricated us ad-lib several actual accessible assets that we accomplish use of with absolute apathy because of its affluence as able-bodied as relevance. The annoy inflator avalanche in this accumulation of gadgets. This simple account that one angle circadian can be actual advantageous if you are in difficult circumstances.

Many acquisition annoy aggrandizement arrangement as getting a annoying assignment if it is done with basal duke pump. A simple duke pump can aswell act as a annoy inflator although it may charge a amazing bulk of activity than an air compressor annoy inflator. And something tells me, that if you are ashore in the average of boilerplate and accordingly are beat out from travel, endure affair a getting may wish to do is in fact pump aimlessly to aerate your collapsed tire. It could be a superb judgement in case you accept a bunched annoy inflator in adjustment to aerate collapsed annoy if you do not admiration to set your air pumping backbone to abashment forth with utilizing simple duke pump.

A annoy inflator is artlessly an air compressor congenital to aerate auto tires. A getting aswell gets simple admission to automatic annoy inflators which appear in acceptable if branch on those continued alley trips. If you appointment bushing stations or automotive shops, you'll be able to locate adequately calmly able annoy inflators that appear to be a lot added able if compared to accustomed kinds. The acumen abaft this added activity is consistently that these accept been clothier congenital to serve motor cars of several admeasurement as able-bodied as shapes.

So, if you accept had your own car barn to plan alongside ample fleets of automobiles in that case annoy inflator is an accomplished band-aid for you.

The a lot of acclaimed annoy inflator in these canicule is in fact roadside annoy inflator that is about acclimated for continued journeys and outings. All these advance to annoy aggrandizement through either active the assemblage into an electrical atrium or accepted from the car (the DC outlet). It would yield a moment to aerate the annoy with this apparatus about you ultimately get there after accepting abundant perspiration. The able-bodied anticipation designs of the annoy inflators commonly can be purchased up with a burden altitude to accredit you to analysis air burden acceptance to the tires in PSI (pound per aboveboard inch).

You could acquisition several types of annoy inflators in the markets like fungus annoy inflator, Michelin annoy aggrandizement system, agenda annoy inflator system, etc. which usually comes able with outstanding quality, constancy as able-bodied as correctness.

Keeping up able annoy burden with a annoy inflator could not alone just save you affluence of activity but aswell amount too. One can save on ammunition by advancement and as able-bodied as ecology actual annoy burden in motor vehicles. The artefact is instantly accessible for purchase, account affable and comes beyond as getting a acute way out. They said it appropriately. It is bigger to anticipate and adapt while apologize and repair.

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PL-LM100 Стойка-шинодержатель для подъема шин

PL-LM100 Стойка-шинодержатель для подъема шин

Передвижная стойка-шинодержатель для ремонта шин карьерной техники
Облегчения регулировки гайки с помощью стальными роликами
Смещенный дизайн позволяет легко добраться до гайки
Предназначен для транспортировки шин при выполнении шиномонтажных
Имеет вращения роликов.
Фиксация в нужном положении осуществляется при помощи тормозного
устройства колеса.


HJ-951BD-JX Inflador

HJ-951BD-JX Inflador

* Adecuado a los coches pequeños
* LCD Pantalla (tamaño 130X60mm)
* bastidor principal de gran tamaño
* Estilo de montaje al terrestre
* con enrollador de manguera


Do You Know the Relevance of Oil Changes?

You must have often heard this term from your parents. Also you must have seen stickers that are put by mechanics on the windshield when they take our vehicles to them. It is important to oil the parts of our vehicle. The main reason for this is that parts of our vehicle rub against each other and this creates energy. Without lubrication, this rubbing can lead to some serious destroy and our automobile can also cease working altogether. This makes it very important to drain off the elderly oil and replace it with a fresh.

You might be confused on the frequency of getting your oil changed. The standard duration is on the completion of every 3 to 5 thousand miles. But this is not fixed, and it entirely depends upon the usage of your car. One thing that should be kept in mind is that people should not wait for much longer to get the oil of their cars changed. You can visit your mechanic and he will be the best person to give you an estimate for the same. This is done by putting a reminder sticker on the windshield that will keep reminding you the time at which you last visited him to get the oil changed. However, returning to your mechanic very frequently would only result in your wastage of money as well as the oil that could have lasted for a bit more. Oil changing at appropriate intervals will definitely bring upon a boost in the working of your car.

The next thing that you may be thoughtful of is the cost of getting this done. Actually this does not have a positive answer, as it entirely depends on the type of oil you pick. There is the synthetic motor oil that costs double the cost of usual oil. But this oil gives you much better performance. You can pick this in the event you own an expensive automobile, so that it gets compatible with the brand. However, on a general basis, using the normal oil works fine.

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How often do I really need to have my wheels aligned

Once. If the wheels on your vehicle are correctly aligned when the vehicle is manufactured at the factory, they should not change car alignment until something in the suspension wears out or is damaged. Alignment doesn't change. The only thing that changes it is wear or damage. Hitting a pot hole or a thousand pot holes won't knock your suspension out of alignment unless you hit something hard enough to actually bend metal. That really doesn't happen very often, so having the wheels aligned periodically is a waste of money.

On the other hand, there are valid reasons for having the alignment checked periodically:

    If your tires are wearing abnormally, alignment should be checked to find out why. Chances are something is amiss and needs to be readjusted or replaced. It only takes a 1/8 inch of toe misalignment to drag the front tires sideways the equivalent of 28 feet for every mile traveled!
    If you're buying a new set of tires and want to maximize tread life, it's a good idea to have the alignment checked as insurance. Even if the factory alignment is within the acceptable range specified by the vehicle manufacturer, there's often room for improvement. Resetting alignment to the "preferred specs" (which means the midrange or optimum specs) will usually extend tire life -- sometimes significantly. Considering the high cost of many performance tires today, assuring maximum tire life with an alignment is money well spent.
    If you're experiencing any kind of steering or handling problem, an alignment check may be necessary for diagnostic purposes. An important aspect of aligning the wheels is performing a preliminary alignment inspection of the suspension and steering linkage. This is necessary to determine if there are any worn, damaged or mislocated parts. It's impossible to realign worn or damaged parts so any such parts must be replaced before the wheels can be realigned.
    Wheel alignment is also required when certain suspension and steering components are replaced. On most cars with MacPherson struts, the front wheels should be realigned if the struts are replaced (NOTE: This is not necessary on certain import vehicles that have replaceable strut cartridges). Alignment is also required if the tie rods, tie rod ends, idler arm, steering links, control arms or control arm bushings, steering knuckle or steering rack have been replaced.
    Another benefit of having the wheels aligned is to assure optimum handling and traction for driving safety. Camber, in particular, is a very important angle with respect to keeping the tire's treads in full contact with the road. Tires that lean in or out ride on the shoulder and reduce traction, cornering ability and tread life. Camber can even affect braking. Uneven camber or caster side to side can make a vehicle lead to the left or the right.

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PL-X20S Secondary Lift Jack

PL-X20S Secondary Lift Jack
1.Scissor structure is convenient for tire changing and chassis repair.
2.The support is adjustable for different automobile.
3.This trolley can match with 4-post lift or large platform scissor lift.
4.Mechanical safety and anti-explosion device ensure safe running.



National Car Care Month Tips Preparing Your New Or Used Audi

Pamper your luxury vehicle this April - after all, it's National Car Care month, the time to show your new or used Audi a little extra love. Here are ten tasks to carry out this month in honor of National Car Care Month.

1. Check for adequate fluid levels.

Even those who turn to their Portland Audi shop for an oil change are capable of checking their own vehicle's fluid levels. To get the expert's opinion on how to do this for your new or used Audi, consult with the techs at your Portland or Vancouver Audi dealership. Once you know how, check your levels every week to make sure your engine is getting the fluids it needs to deliver peak performance.
 2. Evaluate HVAC performance.

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) is not just a "nice to have" feature. HVAC is a "must have" for safety. If your defroster doesn't work, for instance, you could easily get into an accident during a snowstorm. If your HVAC is wonky, schedule a tune up at your Tigard or Vancouver Audi dealership.

3. Replace compromised hoses.

Regularly inspect the v-belts, serpentine belts, and timing belts in your new or used Audi. Replace any cracked or otherwise compromised belts, so as to avoid having a belt break in traffic.

4. Change the oil, check the filters.

If you're not much of a mechanic, let the Portland Audi experts at your local garage handle your oil change and filter examination. If it's been a while since your last tune-up, it's wise to take it to your North Portland or Vancouver Audi dealership for a complete system diagnostic.

5. Boost engine efficiency.

The engine gurus at your Portland Audi repair shop have methods of boosting fuel mileage while diminishing pollutant emissions.
 6. Check tire alignment and air pressure.

Check your tire pressure once a month at a minimum. Be aware of the conditions of your tires; examine the sidewalls, where most flat tires originate, as well as the depth of the tread. If your tires are worn down below the manufacturer's tread specifications, it's time to get new tires. Have your alignment adjusted annually.

7. Get new wipers and replace broken lights.

Even mechanical novices can change out windshield wipers and exterior lights in most models.
 8. Spiff up the inside of your New or Used Audi.

Carrying around all that clutter inside your new or used Audi only drags down your mileage. Clean the interior windows with glass cleaner and use newspapers rather than towels for a streak-free finish. Vacuum out the interior as well.

9. Assess the condition of your battery.

Tighten loose battery connections. If you see corrosion around the battery connections, it may be time for a new battery.

10. Examine suspension, steering, and brakes.

Brakes, steering, and suspension systems should be tested at least once a year. If you you're your car into the Portland Audi shop for oil changes, ask your mechanic to assess the state of the brake drums, rotors, and linings while he replaces the oil and filters.
 Keeping your Portland Audi in top shape by conducting regular maintenance brings several advantages. For instance, you can expect a higher resale value for a car that's been well cared for. Additionally, these maintenance tasks will extend the life of your car and make for a more enjoyable driving experience.

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Types Of Car Glass Used For Auto Glass Installation In Windshield Replacement

If windshield repair is not feasible any longer, you will have no choice but to agree to windshield replacement. To make the most of your windshield replacement, though, you should know about the various types of car glass used in auto glass installation. These are dealer car glass, original equipment manufactured (OEM) distributor car glass and aftermarket car glass, with each one having its own pros and cons.

The most expensive kind of car glass is dealer glass which is made available from authorized car dealerships. This means your dealer glass will depend on the brand of your vehicle. Dealer glass is made by the manufacturer of your vehicle's own car glass and bears the stamp of the brand. It is actually your vehicle's original car glass. Those who never want to veer away from anything original and branded will choose nothing else but dealer glass.

Similar in quality to dealer glass but much less expensive is original equipment manufactured (OEM) distributor car glass. It may not be made by the original manufacturer of your vehicle抯 car glass but its manufacturers are authorized to produce car glass according to the exact specifications of dealer glass. That means they have the same durability, size, thickness, color and shape as dealer glass. Manufacturers of OEM distributor car glass are highly respected in the automotive industry and their products are highly regarded as being of the highest quality, which is why they are trusted by vehicle manufacturers. The most well known manufacturers of OEM distributor car glass include Pilkington, Carlite, Pittsburg Plate Glass (PPG), Safeguard/Mopar, Ford, AP Tech, Asahi, Sekurit, Triplex, Scanex, Sicursiv, Guardian and Crinamex. If you decide on using original equipment manufactured (OEM) distributor car glass, make sure you stick with the reputable brands.

The previous statement is a warning of sorts. After all, there also are sources who claim to be OEM distributor car glass manufacturers but also produce substandard car glass alongside their OEM glass. Do not trust labels that say "from an OEM manufacturer" unless the car glass is specifically labelled as original equipment manufactured (OEM) distributor car glass.

The least expensive car glass is aftermarket car glass which is also referred to as original equipment equivalent (OEE) car glass. Its manufacturers are not legally authorized to make car glass according to the specifications copyrighted and licensed to vehicle brands. Aftermarket car glass, therefore, differs from dealer glass and OEM glass. It is also not covered by the same guarantees as dealer glass and OEM glass, and has been known to have a variety of problems including having a bad fit, leaks, visual distortions, poor solar performance and lack of protection against wind noise.

In comparing the three types of car glass, it is evident that original equipment manufactured car glass is the best option for consumers. You get all the benefits of dealer glass for much less dollars. In terms of quality, OEM glass exceeds even the standards of the US Department of Transportation. While the DOT calls for 80 percent windshield retention during frontal barrier crash tests, OEM glass provides a hundred percent.

When choosing OEM glass, also use OEM distributor car glass parts and adhesives for safety. In the case of mobile windshield replacement, for instance, low quality parts and adhesives are sometimes used. The prescribed drying time for the adhesive is also usually not observed, leaving the vehicle driver and passengers at risk with a windshield that is not properly fixed in place. Only professionally certified auto glass technicians will be knowledgeable enough on all standards that should be met in terms of products and techniques.

Whatever car glass you choose for auto glass installation in your windshield replacement, make sure all components and service providers pass the highest safety standards.

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PL-T01 Стяжки пружин механические

PL-T01 Стяжки пружин механические

За счет индивидуальных регулировок по высоте и диаметру приспособление
позволяет производить сжатие и фиксацию пружин различной конфигурации
(цилиндрические, конусные, бочкообразные, пр.) и разным шагом навивки.
Большой рабочий диапазон.


PL-JB90201 Gato hidráutico

PL-JB90201 Gato hidráutico

Excelente para trabajo pesado y reparación automotriz, se levanta o empuja
el peso pesado horizontalmente y verticalmente!
Funciona en posición horizontal y vertical
elevación estable y seguro.


Nitrogen Generator To The Tyre Inflation Has Proved Useful

 1. Nitrogen tyre inflation improve the stability and comfort of the tire traveling

Almost inert nitrogen diatomic gases, chemical properties extremely lively, the gas molecules are larger than oxygen molecules, difficult to thermal expansion and contraction amplitude of deformation is small, its permeation speed of the tire wall is slower than that of air, about 30 to 40 percent can be maintained stabilize the tire pressure, tire driving stability, ensure driving comfort; nitrogen audio conductivity is low, is equivalent to 1/5 of the ordinary air, using nitrogen can effectively reduce the tire noise and improve quietness traveling.

2. Prevent puncture and lack of air grind line

Puncture is the number one killer in road traffic accidents, according to statistics, 46% of accidents are caused by tire failure on the highway, a flat tire one accounted for 70% of the total tire accident. Driving the car, the tire temperature rise due to friction with the ground, especially at high speeds and the emergency brake, the gas temperature in the tire will increase rapidly, tire pressure surge, so there will be the possibility of puncture. The high temperatures cause tire rubber aging, fatigue strength decreased, severe tread wear, and may puncture the important factors. Compared with general high pressure air, high purity nitrogen as anaerobic and almost free of water does not contain oil, and its low coefficient of thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, the temperature was raised slowly, and reduces tire heat accumulating speed, non-contingent nor Assistant contingent characteristics, it is possible to greatly reduce the chance of puncture.

3. Extend tire life

Using nitrogen gas, the the tire pressure stable volume change is small, and greatly reduces the possibility of irregular tire friction, such as crown grinding tread shoulder wear, partial wear, and to improve the life of the tire; aging of rubber is subject to the oxygen molecules in the air oxidation due to the decline in its strength and elasticity, aging and there will be cracking phenomenon, this time caused by one of the reasons for the shortened life of the tire. Nitrogen separation device can greatly limit to exclude the air of oxygen, sulfur, oil, water and other impurities, effectively reducing the degree of oxidation of the inner liner layer of the tire and rubber corrosion phenomenon, does not corrode metal rim, extending tire life, but also greatly reduces the status of the rim rust.

4. Reduce fuel consumption and protect the environmental

Lack of tire pressure and heated scroll the increased negative force, will result in increased fuel consumption when the car is traveling; nitrogen can maintain stable tire pressure, delaying the tire pressure to reduce outside, its dry and not oil-free water, thermal conductivity low, heating up the slow characteristics, to reduce the increase in temperature in the tire when walking, as well as small deformation grip improve and reduce the rolling resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption. The relevant U.S. authorities tires with sufficient nitrogen and charge air contrast experiments, the statistical results show that in the experiment than air-filled tire filled with nitrogen gas to run more than 26% of the mileage. Nitrogen tire inflation, tire pressure design can achieve fuel consumption indicators in automotive design. Experimental results show that nitrogen tire 2-10% more fuel efficient than the air-filled tires. Effective in reducing air pollution. The Brazilians practice, nitrogen gas tire traveling fifty thousand kilometers still do not need qi. Nitrogen tire more resistant to wear, than the pneumatic tire is not reached on the damaged tire tread loss index, nitrogen filling the tire to run an average mileage, 48% more than the air-filled tires.

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Engine oil - Which is the way to go?


The engine is often the 'heart' of an automobile. Like how they humans need to keep our heart and mind in the finest of conditions, it is important to maintain and service the power train to make positive a smooth ride.

One of, if not the most important aspect of vehicle maintenance, especially under the hood, is engine oil. The quality of the oil largely affects the lifespan of your engine. Some of us might lack the concern to the type of motor oil that goes into our engine, having the common mentality - oil is oil, right?

Types of engine oils

There are three types of engine oils.

Firstly, we have mineral oils that are refined and derived from nature. Mineral oils come from the ground and are created from the oil refining process. They have been around for a long period of time and it's less expensive than synthetic oils.
Secondly, we have synthetic oils that are more expensive because of the chemical engineering involved in laboratories. They still have a base mineral oil, but they've been engineered to allow for more miles to be driven between oil changes, and they often have additives to help keep the oil cleaner for an extended period. It's also more stable at optimum temperatures than mineral oil.

Lastly, we have the semi-synthetic or premium oil which is essentially a mixture of the above mentioned two.

What does it do?

Your engine oil performs as a lubricant under tremendous heat and pressure and prevents friction between all metal surfaces in your engine when grinding together.

It also transfers heat away from the combustion cycle and delays nasty by-products like silica (silicon oxide) and acids. Finally, engine oil minimises the exposure to oxygen and thus reduces oxidation at higher temperatures.

Oils get thinner as they heat up. Single grade oils get too thin when heated for most modern engines.

Grading / Classification / Oil Viscosity

An organisation called the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) tests all engine oil at roughly 98.9 degrees Celsius, which is the usual temperature an engine operates at. They run the oil through a device to time the oil flow, in seconds, from one end to the other. There are two ways to how oil thickness is measured: single grade and multi-grade.

A SAE 30 classification is single grade oil that takes approximately 30 seconds to flow through the tube. Oil changes its thickness with temperature and the single rating only represents the flow of oil when it's warm. When performing a cold start, oil flows more slowly, hence, there is a need for a multi-grade rating that gives you both a hot and cold rating.

Thus for multi-grade rating 10W-30 classification, the 30 is similar to the single grade rating but the 10W is the rating for cold starts, derived from a standardised rating system developed by the SAE for winter oil use.

While the 'W' itself refers to winter, the numbers represent how long it takes for the oil to flow. The thinner the oil, the smoother it moves through and lubricates parts of your engine. The best engine oils have just about the right viscosity to ensure a smooth flow between components.

When to Change Your Oil

For decades, the basic rule for oil change was every 4,800 km (3,000 miles) or 3 months, whichever came first. Yet with advances in technology, engine design, and advanced engine oils, most modern cars can function farther between oil changes.

Many modern cars can go between 8,000 or 16,000km (5,000 - 10, 000 miles) between oil changes, depending on your driving habits and the model you drive. If you are a heavy driver you might have to change it a sooner than a light-footed driver though.

As cars are fitted with more and more technologies, some modern cars can also function as your assistant in informing you the car's next oil change - like the iDrive system in a BMW. (By sgcarmart)

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